Plans For Transforming The Historical Bunker in Hamburg

It’s one of the most well-known buildings in the city of Hamburg, Germany: The former World War 2 bunker centre of St. Pauli. Some consider it a smudge in the city scape, for others it stands as a memorial and younger generations most likely know it for hosting one of Hamburg’s notorious techno and concert stages. Ever since it got declared to be too big of a project to tear down and stands under historic preservation. The inside of the bunker has been rented out for commercial projects amongst others the club ‘Übel & Gefährlich’, a 2-story music store and a university.

Culture, History And Urban Gardening in One Project

As for the outside of the bunker most of the area remains unused, one small area is being used as a balcony for the related club which leaves the whole roof as a potential area for cultural evolvement. The project ‘Hildegard‘ was founded by a collective of St. Pauli based residents and the architectural office Interpol+-Architecture and plans to transform the 8000 square meters area into green and lively park area. Further plans include an open air stage with an estimated size for about 1000 visitors. The history of the bunker will also be integrated into the project along with contemporary witnesses to remind people of what has happened here. All in all this seems like a great cultural addition and we’d be happy to see this project come alive in 2017.

Source: Geheimtipp Hamburg / Hilldegarden

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