We first met Sebastian Patrono, a 20 year old LA-based producer known as BASTiEN, when he released his first ever remix of Borgeous’ “Wana Lose You” that earned tremendous and well deserved love and recognition. As a result, this track enabled him to make his mark on the music scene and left many of us longing for more.

It looks like our prayers have been answered though as he is back with his latest and freshest new remix. This time around, he takes a crack at “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day, a punk rock band that BASTiEN has idolized and admired throughout his youth. Now many of you may be thinking “how is a punk rock song gonna be able to incorporate a futuristic sound???” but trust me, BASTiEN is more than capable of making it work.

This unique take on the classic hit starts off with the initial Green Day vibe, expressed through an intro consisting of samples from the original, which definitely gives us time to feel nostalgic and get into our feelings. However, the fun really begins when BASTiEN comes through with an amazing drop composed of a dynamic composition of chords and synth stabs that is bound to make you start wildin. All in all, one could surely say that BASTiEN successfully manages to find and maintain the perfect balance of both the original punk rock sound that has been praised by so many, and the futuristic charm that we all have come to appreciate today making this track a true EDM banger.

Make sure to give the track a listen below and check it out on Soundcloud for that free download!


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