Great Dane teasing us with a trap banger ahead of his upcoming EP next week

If you aren’t already familiar with Great Dane, now you will be. The 25 year-old Dane Morris, hailing from Los Angeles, CA has been in the game for some time now. Steadily amassing respect across the music industry worldwide. With features under his belt including BBC Radio 1, Diplo & Friends, RMBAR, and more. The tastemaker and co-founder of music collective TeamSupreme has since released three LPs met with positive acclaim, and continues strong. In fact, stay tuned because next week his newest EP will be released details about his next EP will be released, and he promises it will be even dirtier and weirder.

Well, pleased to say in the meantime Great Dane has got his hands on some more sticky beats. This time with none other than a Trap infused meets quirky xylophone melodies type of track, that as per usual, erupts with the drop. The production, and delicate ensemble of layering, sets Great Dane apart from other artists trying to emulate this sound. His ability to tie these sounds together in an emotional buildup, is what keeps listeners coming back.

Stoked to see Great Dane with a solid line-up of upcoming shows this summer. Keep your ears peeled on this one:


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