Being a huge Drake fan, of course I went absolutely nuts when he released two new songs under the header Scary Hours.  I remember tweeting a week prior to the drop that I was “really in the mood for Drake to drop an album or something” (literal words). Then, on January 19th, Drake dropped “God’s Plan” and “Diplomatic Immunity” AKA dreams really do come true y’all!!! 🙌😭

Both tracks received notable recognition from fans all over the world. “God’s Plan” actually managed to break the Global Apple Music Record for “Biggest Opening Day” with a total of 14 million streams. This is not at all surprising given the fact that I myself may or may not have had it on repeat for at least three days😅. Essentially, I knew that this song was already a 2018 classic and that there were bound to be many covers and remixes in the foreseeable future.

This includes a beautiful collaborative rendition by Bosted-based producer, Sevnth and LA-based singer Alo. The pairing of Alo’s soothing and angelic voice along with Sevnth’s renowned wavy production style turns the intitial upbeat and catchy melody into a chill and mellifluous electronic masterpiece. Sevnth does an amazing job at incorporating the perfect drop that is simultaneously mellow yet energetic. Alo also concludes their flip by incorporating a short but sweet sample of Drake and Jhene Aiko’s “From Time” adding an even more unique and lovely touch to the highly adored hit.

That being said, make sure to bless your eardrums (and life) by streaming it below and head on over to SoundCloud for that free download! 😇



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