Meet rising Israel based producer VESHZA

Citing influences from the Soulection scene to the future beats genre via SoundCloud, Israel-based VESHZA is a prime example of the power to which music transcends cultural borders. The developing scene and potential for global collaborations of like-minded artists is facilitated by tight-knit communities, both offline and on. Artists supporting and sharing their freshest creations with one another gives birth to some truly original sounds. Groups which aim to promote the culture of the future beats scene and promote the artists of tomorrow is what Future Dance Music is all about.

Which is why we are proud to introduce 19 year-old VESHZA. Dor tells us how in Israel there isn’t a large future beats community and interest “(if at all)“, so discovering such a community online was like love at first sight. When he isn’t busy doing his mandatory army service as a photographer and graphic designer, he’s cooking up some pretty beautiful beats.

‘All4U’ is his latest release and stirred up serious positive emotions to listeners worldwide. A funky fusion between future trap and hip hop, the collaboration together with Gera and Play really hits home. Originally getting in touch through Twitter and Facebook, Gera sent over some work in progress he had and VESHZA felt the fire. The artists were digging each others sound, yet sharing a “same-yet-different” taste in music, so the collaboration felt natural. After the instrumental, they thought about their homie Play, and the next day they had their acapella.

Dor describes ‘All4U’ as emerging out of this vision he had towards “bringing something a little new to the table” on how he would like to see hip-hop and rap nowadays. Whilst he realizes it can be a bold statement, he touches on the importance that we can make better, newer things together. “Each one of us gains inspiration from different places“, Dora explains. For example, if one listens closely, they might recognize the underlying influence of Chick Corea – Spain in the production, which helped to inspire Gera’s approach. A smooth guitar riff intro, steadily builds with support from Play’s vocals until the signature future beats bring ‘All4U’ to life. A future funky melody keeps you hooked throughout. It’s production like this which drawn from inspiration, further inspires.

The spread of music worldwide nowadays is facilitated by not only technology, but tastemakers who inspire artists no matter who or where they are. Stream the latest from the young gun here:

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