Future Dance Music is coming to the Smukfest Music Festival in Denmark! This summer.

We have teamed up with our longtime friends DØ Chef DØ and the good people at Smukfest to bring you exclusive access of the festival, including previews, live coverage and photos, exclusive DØ Chef DØ diary, and just generally a flawless presence.

Held from August 9th – 13thSmukfest takes place in Skandeborg, a stunning piece of nature which sits on the east coast of Denmark. Now, these guys seriously know what they’re doing and if just a quick read of what they have to offer doesn’t have you licking your lips, you ought to have a quiet word with yourself. While Smukfest offers a broad range of artists across all genres we’ve picked a list of our favorite Future Dance Music artists:

  • DJ Snake
  • Major Lazer
  • Faustix
  • Alesso
  • Martin Jensen
  • DØ Chef DØ

You get it now? Tickets are like gold dust with just a few left, and that isn’t surprising. The good thing is that FDM will be on site throughout the week to bring you extensive coverage, so don’t feel too down!

You can still buy a selection of tickets: Smukfest Tickets

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