Future Dance Music – Hamburg Takeover

On the 22nd of October, Hamburg is going to experience something different from the usual Saturday night Reeperbahn escapades it’s used to. The excitement that usually controls this holy weekend city of music, bottled beer, and gentleman clubs is about to elevate to a new level… We’re about to take one of the best night life destinations in Europe, and shake the fucking shit out of it.

For one night only in Hamburg, we are launching the premiere of our European tour. Future Dance Music: City Takeover.

Grab your tickets over here

The original idea behined our upcoming series of events is quite simple: Every day at the Future Dance Music headquarters we receive submissions, mix tapes, soundtracks, cassette tapes, man, you fucking name it, we get it. We listen, we love, and as time has gone on, we just cannot bring ourselves to withhold and ignore the amount of talent we witness from the beautiful readers that are yourselves anymore. We want to give something back to the community that supports us, and give these upcoming and fresh talents a stage, and a chance to show you what they can do.

All you have to do is turn on the radio, everything is repetitive, generic, and manufactured. You go day by day, hour by hour, second by second, and you hear the same songs, with the same chord sequences, the same pathetic beats, and the same weak bass lines being repeated in shops, bars, and Macdonalds toilets across the world. It’s wrong. Actually, In Scotland they have a phrase that us English love: ‘it’s fucking tripe’. If you want to google that go ahead, but I’m telling you, the people that we are bringing you on October 22nd are better than the shit you are streaming from Itunes. No questions asked, no quarter given.

We have assembled a powerful ensemble of producers and DJs from both the local area and the rest of Europe to come together with intertwining genres to cater for all tastes, and It goes as follows: At Moondoo club Hamburg, we will be kicking things off at 23:00. You will be able to come along and see the following artists:

  • Supreme.Frost – Hamburg, Germany
  • SPLFF – Munich, Germany
  • MRTN – Aahrus, Denmark
  • Mr Jah – Berlin, Germany

You can purchase tickets for 7 euros each on our interactive portal below, with the first batch of early bird tickets available for the even better price of 5 euros each – We will stress that you’ll have to be quick with the latter however, as demand from around the city will snap those up before you’ve even managed to hear a Justin Beiber song in a MacDonalds Toilet.

Do you like good music? Do you like discovering fresh talent? Do you like good deals on alcohol? Do you like boys? Do you like girls? If you answered yes to any of those questions, we would actively encourage to grab yourselves a ticket and come along to join us on this journey. Be a part of something refreshing and new to the European clubbing scene, and celebrate the incredible strong upcoming musical talent that you would normally never get a chance to discover.

Let’s party… Future Dance Music style.

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