Things are getting pretty serious around Flume’s sophomore album Skin: After leaving his fans with only a handful of releases for 2015 including his original Some Minds  the Sydney based Future Music artist has been kicking off 2016 with so much love already.

After dropping his Skin album preview beginning of January we’ve seen two original Flumeys so far: Never Be like You and Smoke And Retribution which both sound like there’s a massive LP up ahead. The remix engines got started and deejays all over the world started vomiting rainbows into their audio interfaces.

No exception for Denver based Isaiah Romero who goes by the name of XxyzZ  and has dropped one of my favorite remixes so far. And yes I can relate to the rainbows too. As much as I’m a Flume fan though the original was lacking something for me. This guy added it up and gave the Never Be Like You remix the Future Bass kiss it was missing. I hope to see some beat work from this genius in the future soon. Enjoy this gem in stereo:

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