Third Wish Release Contemporary Remix of Flume’s ‘Insane’

Your weekend can’t go any better if you kick it off with a freshly crafted Flume remix. DC based producer duo Third Wish gave Flume’s original from his self titled debut album a smooth Future Bass makeover on their mission to creating an arsenal of music from different genres.

The original “Insane” was cool because it had an out-there vibe but it was also danceable. We wanted to keep this same vibe but we also wanted to make it a little more aggressive than the original (with punchier synth lead sounds).

Third Wish have been labeled as one of DC’s rising stars and looking at their portfolio there are no doubts on that. One of their finest productions is their funky makeover of ODESZA’s White Liest which you should add to your cue after listening to their latest release. You can stream Third Wish’s Flume Remix ‘Insane’ below via Youtube or download the full track for free on their Soundcloud page.

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