Those who have heard the original know that it’s a song that’s bound to get you in your feelings and makes you wonder who hurt Post so bad. It’s also highly probable that this is lowkey (or highkey) an accurate representation of you when you’re listening to it:

Although I absolutely love the original, I have notable appreciation for this flip. Dachaio, an 18 year old producer from southern Sweden, manages to give this track the Future Bass vibe that we all know and love by adding a heavy drop followed by some smooth, chill, yet incredibly wavy synths. Even though it’s definitely still an emotional song, this dope remix can surely help in uplifting your spirits for about 4 and a half minutes. That is, unless you have it on repeat like me, then you may just end up forgetting all your troubles 😋

Despite his young age and just beginning the producer life, it’s safe to say that Dachaio has an evident gift and we can’t wait to hear what he comes out with next!

Make sure to give it a listen by streaming it below or on SoundCloud 😊



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