A mixture of reactions have been circulating London in the last 24 hours, mostly centered on anger and sadness. Prominent artists, music fans alike, and even politicians have spoken out with their feelings of Fabric being forced to close.

Fabric, has been forced to close permanently after its licence was revoked following the drug-related deaths of two people.

The Metropolitan police had asked the council of Islington (in London) to shut down the popular 2,500-capacity nightclub after the deaths of two teenagers in the space of nine weeks. One died after collapsing outside the club in August, while another died in late June.

A Report complied by undercover Police

After deliberation that lasted into the early hours of Wednesday morning, the council decided that searches by security staff at Fabric had been “inadequate and in breach of the licence”. The statement referenced a report complied by undercover Police operations, which suggested people were openly buying and taking illegal drugs inside the venue, and that staff should have been aware of it.

Among the most prominent of influences speaking about this, London Mayor Sadiq Khan openly wrote a letter to Islington Council stressing the importance of Fabric to the city economy. He said that London had lost 50% of its nightclubs and 40% of its live music venues in the past eight years. He said he was “saddened Fabric, Islington Council, and The Metropolitan Police couldn’t come to an agreement on how to address concerns about public safety”.

A petition has been running, which has been backed by a well known list of artists and BBC Radio 1 DJ’s. If you feel passionate about the venue, or would like to offer your support, you can head over to their website to sign the petition here: Support Fabric


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