Here’s something a bit softer, and a bit jazzier than what you’re used to getting from Future Dance Music, but we couldn’t resist posting it. ‘Body Talk – Escort Dub’ was actually previewed by the all talented B Traits on BBC Radio 1 a month or so ago, and what can we say? That girl knows her shit. The new album by Escort, ‘Animal Nature’  was released at the end of October, and it’s an absolute banger.

As you listen to this track in particular, it feels as if you have been put in a time machine, jet propelled back about thirty years and washed up on some warm evening on an unknown Californian boulevard wearing a pair of aviator sunglasses and a jacket made out of sequins.

That said, there’s just something about the music Escort creates that almost makes it impossible to summarise. The never ending mixing of genres and layers to their songs has even the modest of music writers at a loss with what to say about it. Take it from us in which case, you’re better off just listening to the record and making a judgement for yourself.

‘Animal Nature’ is available to purchase off Itunes here – if you’re able to stop dancing that is.

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