Justin Caruso drops epic Ellie Goulding ‘Army’ remix

Admittedly I haven’t been catching up with Ellie Goulding for a while as I’m more of a classic Ellie Goulding guy. Tessellate, High For This and other covers from her early days were usually more of my jam. With Ellie taking a break from music for now it’ll be great to see some of her best productions being remixed by international tastemakers. The first great production i stumbled upon comes from LA born Justin Caruso who has a huge portfolio of remixes ranging from Justin Bieber to The Chainsmokers.

I was beyond humbled when Ellie’s team asked me to do an official remix for her. I flipped this in the Justin Caruso sound I’ve been working so hard on, hope you guys enjoy.

Justin gave the track an extra nice Future Bass vibe with upper beats as a perfect interplay with the extraordinary vocals. You can Stream Justin Caruso’s remix of Ellie Goulding’s ‘Army’ on Youtube or on Soundcloud.

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