If you’re reading this (which means you’re online) chances are high you came across one of Drake’s Hotline Bling video edits on Facebook or other social media pages in recent times. I know, personally I’ve had enough of that already and I’m glad the internet didn’t die. But Drake’s viral hit has so much more to offer than memes and the success of a Kardashian. Whenever a song scores such a gigantic popularity tons of talented artists gather together and add their own special vibe to it. We’ve seen that with Can’t feel my face (Shoutout VOLO and Elias) this year already. Our Swiss author Tom dived into the deeper sides of Soundcloud to present you his collection of the best Hotline Bling flips and remixes. If you just can’t get enough of Drake make sure to check out our collection of the dopest Drake remixes ever.

1. Luca Lush – Hotline Bling


2. Hotline Bling – Kehlani x Charlie Puth


3. Erykah Badu – Hotline Bling But You Can’t Use My Phone


4. Trina – Hotline Bling (Remix)


5. Mission – Hotline Bling (Drake Cover)

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