Drake ft. The Weekend – Crew Love (Anthon Flip)

Being a huge fan of both Drake and the Weeknd, I always think that their songs are just pure and utter perfection. They always seem to produce songs that are best remained untouched but it wasn’t until I stumbled across this gem of a remix of “Crew Love” that I realized that there can be some exceptions.

French producer Anthon, comes through to provides us with his fresh and unique take on this classic.  Through his flip, Anthon manages to successfully incorporate a mellow but equally hype electronic beat filled with clean synths that perfectly complements the few sampled vocals that he kept from the original. Although there are some notable changes in the tempo and overall dynamic, he still manages to somehow maintain the initial wavy vibe of the song, which is pretty impressive. In the end, this song  has the ability to cater to both fans of the original alternative R&B sound as well as to the electronic lovers.

All I have to say is major props to Anthon for this refreshing new take and we can’t wait to see what else he has up his sleeve.

Make sure to check it out below and head over to SoundCloud for that free download!

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