Dosem is back to smash 2016 by all intentions we can see here. The Spanish DJ has released a two track EP entitled ‘Optimism’, and not for the first time it seems Suara have plucked out a piece of gold.

The title track ‘Optimism’ has a solid beat with a saxophone hook-line, and you’ll instantly fall in love with it after the fist listen. Man, this shit is so funky it feels like you’ve walked into a jazz house of the future. There is also a B-side which has been included on the EP entitled ‘Your Turn’. This has some slightly creepy sounding vocals, but quite nicely flows through from start to finish. This is exactly the type of tune you can imagine playing in the club at 2am whilst you try to drop your best shapes.

‘Optimism’ EP is available to download now over here at Beatport. A thorough recommendation from Future Dance Music indeed!

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