J.B.Y., David August's New Solo Feature finally out tomorrow

David August is one of the most innovative young talents emerging out of the German electronic music scene. He’s grown from an unknown playing on the roads of the Sternschanze district during his teens to selling out extraordinary shows worldwide. His performances are not of your average DJ, but rather represent more of a symphony whereby he is the sole orchestra. With a theme and direction in mind, the artist has taken so many listeners on unforgettable auditory-visual journeys like when he played in the planetarium combining spacey out-of-this-world visuals with his mind blowing natural talent of music creation. Such live and improvisational skills have been known to resonate so strongly to the listener that even his ‘seated’ shows have led to people one-by-one standing up to move with the music, until the entire crowd is erupting with passion and floods the stage.

These are only a few of the several reasons why we respect David August so much as a musician. One gets the feeling he is not blinded by the lavish luxuries that an artist of his calibre may be tempted with, but rather that he is intrinsically motivated by the sheer love and passion for creating beautiful breathtaking music. It feels like you’re directly involved in a movie’s score when David is playing.

As an artist who remains relatively mysterious and under the radar, it is always of utmost excitement when we hear of his new releases and projects. Which leads us to introduce his newest single, J.B.Y., the German producers first solo record in two years, which will be released by Counter Records tomorrow March 4th digitally, and the vinyl version will follow on May 6th.

Check out the track featuring David’s signature bass-heavy, melodic style below:


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