Colours of Future #2 with Max Bunt

Max Bunt is an aspiring deep house dj/ producer from Germany and our host for the brand new radio show Future Dance Music – Colours of Future. Every month Max will bring you the finest releases from the world of house music, hand curated and mixed in the capital of technoBerlin.

Following the strong performance from Max on Colours of Future #1, Max has now kicked off our second episode. While you listen to the deep sounds of Colours of Future #2 on SoundCloud, you can also check out our interview with Max Bunt.

You can download this episode of Colours of Future for free on our SoundCloud page.

Future Dance Music – Colours of Future #2 Tracklist:

  1. Paul Woolford – Heaven & Earth
  2. Jan Mir – Anna Purna
  3. Sasch – Teenage Lovers
  4. Amtrac – No Order
  5. Florian Kruse – Crack In The Wall
  6. Anton Dhouran – Marla
  7. Lonja – Koma
  8. Dragon Suplex – My God
  9. Third Son – Geometry
  10. Smokefade – Exile
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