Colours of Future #1 with Max Bunt

Max Bunt is an aspiring deep house dj/ producer from Germany and our host for the brand new radio show Future Dance Music – Colours of Future. Every month Max will bring you the finest releases from the world of house music, hand curated and mixed in the capital of technoBerlin.

To kick off our first episode we caught up with Max after his Snapchat takeover for one of the most secret festivals in Berlin to tell us a bit about himself and his musical inspiration. While you listen to the deep sounds of Colours of Future #1 on Soundcloud check out the interview with Max Bunt below. You can download this episode of Colours of Future for free on our Soundcloud page.

Future Dance Music – Colours of Future #1 Tracklist:

  1. Saunom – Sehnsucht
  2. Amtrak – Running After
  3. Mika Olson – Wish
  4. The Boogeyman – Bairro Alto
  5. Joyce Muniz – Cover me up
  6. Philip Bader – LXBD_3
  7. Kleiber – Dont Stop This Way
  8. Pete Grace – Carried On
  9. John Monoman – Aurora
  10. Cubicolor – Falling

A Whistle Stop in Berlin Introducing Max Bunt:

Matt: Hi Max, you’ll be hosting the brand new radio show Future Dance Music – Colours of Future. You grew up in Berlin, how did the Berlin music scene inspire you to start off as a DJ? Max: Berlin is a great city to be a full time artist. It offers cheap living costs and has numerous people to meet up with who are just starting their own creative careers. So the networking is a lot of fun here. But I have to admit that my biggest influence is my family – especially my brother.

Matt: Aside from music, what else do you love about the city of Berlin?
Berlin is different wherever you go. It’s full of people from all over the world and you can feel the different cultures and vibes everywhere. From the world famous nightlife to small 2nd hand stores – it’s just great.

Matt: Alright, outside of Berlin, where else would you love to travel and seek creative inspiration from?
I really would like to see Stockholm, but also London or New York.

Matt: Your sets mostly consist of deep house and tech house. Was this just a passion of yours, or is there a reason why you focused on these genres?
I personally don’t like to call out genres too much, because I would say I play electronic music. I noticed that I have a taste for certain tracks that have a sound that fits together, but I do find tracks in different genres when buying music, like some are progressive house or slowhouse even one was indipop. But its very Tech-housy indeed and sometimes a bit melancholic e.g deep house. Calling it deep- and techhouse makes it easyer for an audience to know what to expect.As Most DJs I guess I really like the music I collect.

Matt: When you play live, are you more a fan of performing to large crowds, or smaller ambient ones?
I like both. Large crowds are kind of anonymous, and way harder to read because sometimes you can’t see everyone, but that’s when you can just play what you think is awesome. With a tiny crowd it’s great if you can see and feel reactions to the music as you’re playing. Both can be fun.

Matt: You release sets on average twice a month too, between this and playing live, which do you get enjoyment out of most?
Both are very different activities in my opinion. Looking for new music is sometimes really exhausting, especially if you listened to 2000 tracks and hated them all. But when you just find this one fantastic track – it’s the best thing. Playing live on the other hand is very exciting. It’s never happened to me that an audience hated me so far, but I fear the day haha. I enjoy both creating and playing, but they’re really different.

Matt: Which other artists are you digging/jamming to at the moment?
DJ’s would be Kidnap Kid, AMTRAC, Lane8 and Alle Farben. The Band I like the most (at the moment) would be Reed Green Gold.

Matt: Ok, if you could pick a dream location and an artist, where would you play and who would you play with?
Kidnap Kid, Santa Monica beach.

Matt: Outside of music, what other hobbies do you have?
I’m a real Bookworm. I read a lot of books! I also love comics and sometimes a session of Supermariokart with friends. I love to cook and I try to create special dishes every day.

Matt: Finally, In the future, what can we expect from Max Bunt?
Well, alongside working with Future Dance Music on the Colours of Future radioshow, I will start touring soonish and I hope to meet loads of new people and interest them in my music.

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