Kiesza vs Malinchak – Mother

I’ll be honest, I’ve been looking forward this one for a while. Being what I would like to call a Chris Malinchak fanboy, I keep regular (but not stalker like) tabs on. Over Christmas he posted a picture of himself and Kiesza in very festive attire and that was my queue to get the lube ready.

Historically you wouldn’t be wrong if you were to describe a classic Malinchak track as one that you could have on in the background whilst you sipped a beer and watched the perfect sunset over a beautiful turquoise blue ocean. However, this track takes some adjusting as it’s certainly a new direction to what we’ve known. If you can accept that, you will enjoy this piece of work for sure.

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As you listen to the track it immediately strikes as some sort of haunting children’s nursery rhyme. The lyrics are delivered in Kiesza’s usual unique and effective style. She has a very powerful voice and certainly knows how to get your attention, this time is no different. The beat delivered is pretty reggae and the combination of this and the eerily performed verses are a fitting partnership.

To get the most out of this track it is worth listening to it the first time round without the video. If you watch the video first you will know that I am not exaggerating when I say you will be distracted.

Having worked with the machine that is Kai Greene, Kiesza is dressed in what looks like an extra kit from a Star Wars film. There’s some pretty sensual dancing and it’s also a bit creepy. I’m not sure if I’m turned on or freaked out to be completely honest. Maybe both.

Anyway, this is really worth a listen. It’s a new direction but it’s certainly good, and very catchy! To be honest, if you find a bad song by Chris please send me an email and I’ll review it. – (I won’t bother leaving my address, because you won’t find one.)

You can check out the video for ‘Mother’ below (but listen to it on its own first, please). If you’d like to purchase the track you can head over and do that right here: Purchase ‘Mother’


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