DØ CHEF DØ Release Ferocity EP (And Fuck Your Plans For A ‘Quiet Weekend’)

Where else better to start your Sunday, but with a trip to Denmark? Specifically the Danish rave scene. Well, if you didn’t have enough on Saturday night, then this may well be for you…

DØ CHEF DØ are one of the artists we strongly recommend you keep close tabs on next year, if you’ve got any balls that is. Made up of four guys, they all have a variation of different talents that cross genres to produce a chiseled and well rounded final product. Their roots stem from the Danish city of Aarhus, and this has bought them together to produce music that could quite frankly turn a nunnery into a fucking riot. On any occasion, without any doubt.

Having originally focused on Trap and JungleDØ CHEF DØ have branched out of late, dabbling in the Futurebass genre. ‘Ferocity’, the first EP released by the Danish DJ group, is no exception to this.

The EP contains four solid tracks, with not a second of any wasteful filler included. The title track ‘Ferocity’ opens the mix up with a bottle to the back of the head. In all honestly, it’s that good and pulsating without a seconds break for breath, you can picture this lighting up dancefloors across Europe and beyond already.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people sitting, drink and indoorDØ CHEF DØ

As the EP goes on, you can feel the music progressing and intertwining through genres with the tuneful ‘Lights’ and energetic ‘Rapacious’, in which the group shows their ability to flex within Trap, EDM, Jungle, and Futurebass, which up until now have been the self proclaiming defining genres for DØ CHEF DØ and their music.

‘Rosiers’, the final track on the EP, fits its finale slot nicely. A classy mix of empowering synths and twisted vocals, this will have you ready and poised to go back to the start of Ferocity EP, and press play once again. Ferocity EP is being released at the Belgium label I AM SO HIGH RECS. Make sure you check it out below, and follow the lads over on Soundcloud.

DØ CHEF DØ – Ferocity EP Track List:

  1. DØ CHEF DØ – Ferocity (Original Mix)
  2. DØ CHEF DØ – Lights (Original Mix)
  3. DØ CHEF DØ – Rapacious (Original Mix)
  4. DØ CHEF DØ – Rosiers (Original Mix)                                                                        
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