British Music Award Ceremony ‘The Brits’ Has A Lot To Answer For

Last night in Great Britain, the famous annual show and awards ceremony ‘The BRITS’ took place. Originating in 1977, The BRIT Awards, or ‘British Record Industry Trusts Show’ as it was once known has had many prominent moments such as Freddie Mercury’s last ever public appearance in 1990, and the Oasis/Blur rivalry coming to a head in 1996.

What was once a stage to celebrate and reward artists for their valuable commitment to music however, has now sadly become a circus that promotes and justifies the downfall in music quality, whilst encouraging the idolisation of complete idiots in the form of ‘musicians’. The BRIT Awards are killing music, here’s some reasons why:

The BRIT Awards Rewards Bad Music

It might seem obvious, but don’t take my word for it; according to a study conducted by Andrew Powell-Morse at SeatSmart, music lyric intelligence in the last ten years alone has dropped at a noticeable rate. Looking at the report put together, the average school reading age for popular chart music sits below third grade. This means that the lyrics are readable by students aged 7-8.

‘Shout Out To My Ex’ Won Best British Single

Yes, that’s right. The song by Little Mix was given the status of the best British single over the entirety of last year. Following on from the above about lyric intelligence, the production in general is woeful from start to finish. It is repetitive and over-saturated too.

Without making any real personal attack on the singers themselves, who are relatively alright, the instrumentals are really bad. They lack any depth, any interesting textures and the progressions are so predictable that you’d only have to listen to the first 30 seconds of the track to know what’s going to happen until the very end.

This is not good music. As per the lyric reading age, this record could be produced by a 7 or 8 year old with limited resources.

Little Mix at The BRITS (Photo Courtesy Of Rex Features).

‘Diversity’ Prioritised In Favour Of Music Quality

After last years BRIT Awards, a storm erupted after a couple of artists, noticeably Stormzy and Laura Mvula launched an attack on the ceremony for not being ‘diverse’ enough. Now if there was going to be any suggestion that the music industry in general was favouring artists for their skin colour, I would be doing anything in my power to speak out against this. However, you only have to look around you to see that this is not the case.

The best music we get is from every corner, every background, every place imaginable, from every person imaginable. Music genres are determined by backgrounds and that’s why we all love it. We learn and grow through music. We respect each other because of it.

Kanye West has sold over 32,000,000 albums worldwide.

The BRIT Awards responded to this storm in two ways, firstly, by opening some new categories to make to competition broader, which was good. However they also responded by changing the way the voting works. This was not the right approach. As bad as Little Mix are, Stormzy is worse, and most people would probably agree. This was just overkill.

By all means, add more categories, celebrate different music and the backgrounds they come from, but don’t change the voting system or make it an agenda based ceremony. As soon as you start picking winners based on race and gender quoters, the awards become meaningless.

Music is just music. If it is good, it is good. Nothing else should come into it.

Politics And Music, Noticeably Katy Perry

In some ways I understand. Musicians are famous, and therefore have a broader reach when it comes to speaking their mind. The problem with this however, is that it becomes a popularity contest, and a competition for who can virtue signal the most.

Let the music speak for itself and let it do the talking. If you think you can raise awareness of something people know nothing about, or want to try and save the world, by all means speak out. Don’t however, just let yourself into someone else house and defecate all over the kitchen surface, or in Katy Perry’s form; come to the country that the award ceremony is taking place and make a big condescending puppet of the nations leader as some form of joke.

Katy Perry on stage at The Brits (Photo Courtesy Of Press Association).

You might not like Trump either, it’s understandable, but this is about music. There is enough right-wing and left-wing crap going about that sometimes music is the only comforting escape.

Let’s give it a rest. Cut this shit out, and play the music.

BRITS Conclusion & How We Fix It

So there you have it. The combination of the things above have turned The BRITS into a circus. At present the only way it is going is the same way as the average lyric reading age, downwards.

As a front for the music industry it doesn’t paint a good picture, but we don’t need to be completely downbeat about it. Whilst this has all been going on there has been a transformation in the background. We’ve needed new blood for a long time, and it is starting to surface.

You can thank a few things for this, mainly platforms that are giving unheard of, or yet to be discovered artists a platform. They include Soundcloud, Beatport, and also yours truly… Future Dance Music.

For now, let’s have one last laugh at The BRITS, and watch something that epitomises this years event: Down The Toilet!



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