Brand new Berlin-bred deep house vibes from Bondi

One of the many privileges of living in Germany is the constant exposure to the myriad of talents in house music. The continuous blend of styles amongst the homegrown artists, whether established or emerging, creates an organic foundation for progression. You could be in a clothing shop or cafe downtown, and there’s kid’s spinning records. It’s in the DNA of the culture.

BONDI, the live act consisting two local Berlid-bred artists, harmonize this idea. They represent why house feels so at home out here. Experience the deep melodies and vibes they produce live. The chemistry between the different musical backgrounds is a catalyst for original and creative productions. It is no wonder the crowds are entranced in unison when the duo perform.

Their latest release through record label WellDone! Music is no exception. The track features smooth and steady vocals over digital synths that glide between catchy guitar melodies and echoing effects, taking you on a journey through the quintessential deep house vibes we’ve grown so well accustomed to with Bondi.

You can check the song out here or buy it on Beatport.

📷 @Robin Benad Photography

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