SION Releases Epic Bon Voyage ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ Remix

And here goes the story of this track: Suzanne Vega, 90’s folk-rock singer and “Mother of the MP3” (what?!) inspires a notorious remix of her song ‘Tom’s Diner’ by British duo DNA.

Fast-forward two decades: Bon Voyage samples the catchy hook from the aforementioned song in their latest release following last year’s stand-out ‘Booshie’.

Enter SION.

The Welsh producer pretty much tapped into the soul of the original track and infused it with a cold and downright dirty vibe. From it emerging an explosion of energy which maintains its integrity and the low-key sensuality typical of Bon Voyage a.k.a Brooklyn rapper, Shamon Cassette alongside Dublin producers, The Supreme and Gucci Cortez. This song really couldn’t be more perfect for a Friday night.

Check it out below and don’t mind me as I tread all over the dance floor – one hand in the air.

…Da da da duh, doo da-doo doo…



Image: Bon Voyage

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