Blackbear, a native of Los Angeles’ Hollywood region, has been praised for his series of both rock and indie as well as his rap and R&B type sounds. He has a number of popular hits, which have not only received notable recognition from his fans, but also from a wide array of different producers. For example, Tarro took on one of Blackbear’s biggest hits “IDFC” as well as “Califormula” and demonstrates how Blackbear’s vocals and melodies are well suited to be accompanied by an electronic or trap based rhythm.

Such a justification is proven once again as renowned producer Ellusive, comes through with his own mix of Blackbear’s song “Sidelines”. The original track is actually about a year old now but can forever be praised and remembered for its chill and soothing vibes especially due to its collaboration with production duo, 4e. However, with an added bass and the tempo increased just right, Ellusive manages to maintain the mellow vibe of the original while simultaneously giving it an impressive trap twist with a bass drop that is low key chill but high key banging and thus, makes the song all the more memorable.

Make sure to check it out below as well as on Soundcloud and take advantage of that free download!


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