Ladies and gents, we gladly present to you the latest track from Belgian producer LOWSELF. ODESZA delivered an amazing remix of Beat Connection’s ‘Saola’ over some three years ago. We all know ODESZA never fails in delivering the chillest feel good vibes. Light and airy, this summer anthem definitely gets you feeling like you’re afloat.

With this flip, LOWSELF slowed things down a bit, opting for more of a powerful and down tempo vibe with some of those heavy bass hitters that we adore. This rendition is less cutesy, more serious, and equally as pleasing to listen to. There. I said it. I like listening to LOWSELF as much as ODESZA. Given my obsession with anything and everything ODESZA touches, I’m sure it goes without saying how big that is.

Both the original track and the ODESZA remix make me feel like I’m chilling poolside on a tropical island sipping pina coladas straight out of a pineapple I just picked myself. The LOWSELF flip is a bit of a different vibe. Let me put it like this. The LOWSELF flip is like this video montage – So you’re slow motion swimming through some water at said pool/tropical island. Then when that sweet drop hits – that’s when everyone has had too many pina coladas and they start a lit af dance party. At the end of the track, pan out and everyone’s passed the fuck out because LOWSELF is too crazy. Yeah – I just came up with a sick music video and I hope you just all envisioned yourself in it. Cause I sure as hell did.

The LOWSELF flip starts it up with that same stunning intro that ODESZA’S remix opens with. But it’s not the same. It gets even better slowed down and extended. To be honest, I love this intro so much I’m pretty sure I could just listen to it on a loop (New track idea, yeah?) There’s definitely that magic LOWSELF touch on this track. Stylistically, there’s a lot of those same great elements that we’ve seen in LOWSELF’s other releases – some beautiful synths, some low key hit you in the feels bass kicks and that sweet, smooth production we just can’t get enough of.

This latest remix is one of the tracks that LOWSELF plays during his live & DJ sets. Speaking of live shows, LOWSELF will be playing this weekend on May 21st alongside Fakear and Clément Bazin at the prestigious Botanique venue in Brussels. The show is already sold out, so start selling your soul and scavenging for some tickets if you want to see the magic live. Can’t make the show? Don’t fret. You can listen to the track and snag a free download here on the LOWSELF Soundcloud stream.

We wrote about Brussels based Andres Fernandes and the LOWSELF project last month when he dropped ‘Silver Clouds’. Since then, he’s already been up another 1k+ in Soundcloud followers. Like we said before, we are pretty sure this guy is going to blow up real soon. And we can’t wait to see it because the talent definitely deserves it.

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