Festival season has begun and every veteran knows that keeping hydrated is one of the most essential things to do.

Hydration packs have been a staple to festival gear, minimizing trips to the bar and also helping save the environment from harmful plastics. The team at baserock has been developing an advanced hydration pack and I caught up with one of its founders, Gannon, right before the launch of their kickstarter campaign. Let’s see what he has to say his bass-pulsing hydration pack.

Tiff: So first off I’d love if you can introduce yourself and give me a brief overview of what the spectrvm pack is
Gannon: Ok so one 1 quick edit before we get going on the name. We transitioned the name from Spectrvm & Spectrvm Pack to solely – Baserock (both the product name and company name).
But I can do that now.

Tiff: Ah ok cool why don’t you explain that for me 🙂 it’s great to get a bit of company history and I’m curious the reason behind the change
Gannon: Ok I will do that first and then the previous question.

Tiff: Surething
Gannon: We had originally chosen the name Spectrvm to represent a spectrum of opportunities with the product and company. However after running into some issues with people misspelling the name, Time Warner Cable re-branding to Spectrum and ability to acquire a defensible Trademark we decided to make the transition to Baserock.

We chose Baserock because both ‘base’ (bass) and rock have a dual meaning in both the music space and the outdoor space because at the core of our brand/product we are pairing the outdoors and music together through Baserock.

Now I will respond to the question – Of introducing myself and giving some context on what Baserock is. My name is Gannon Daynes and I am one of the two founders of Baserock. I am recent graduate from California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly SLO) with a focus on Business. I have attended over 50 shows the past 5 years of my life and listen to music every second I can in a day.

Background on Baserock – Baserock was created by two music lovers who wanted to find a way to improve their experience while at live shows. After showing our first prototypes around at festivals and speaking with hundreds of other music lovers, we realized that this technology was so much bigger than just enhancing the live music experience and was applicable to every aspect of a music lover’s life.

What is Baserock – is an Immersive Bass-Frequency Backpack designed for music lovers who want to amplify their physical experience at festivals, on the bike or on the trail. It is a versatile hydration backpack that allows wearers to physically feel music by vibrating bass frequencies throughout their body both at a live show or plugged into their own music.

Tiff: As a bass music lover myself, when I heard about this idea, it definitely piqued my interest. I’m curious as to if you could explain to me a bit about the science behind how the backpack is about to pick up the bass frequencies during a live show?
Gannon: Of course! We have designed the system to be extremely simple to use to ensure that the time spent using Baserock at a live show is focused on the experience and not setting up the product. It simply listens to what is being played around it through a microphone (similar to the one you talk into) and then cuts out all of the noise except for the bass frequencies and then vibrates in sync with those frequencies. Does that make sense?
Yes that sounds awesome. I love the emphasis on the product being user friendly and it sounds like it’s the only product of its type on the market. How long have you and your co-founder been developing the product for? From initial brainstorming of the idea

The initial brainstorming started in February 2016 and worked it for ~4 months part-time while finishing up school and then dove into it full-time since June 2016 and have been working on it full-time ever since.

Tiff: That’s great, and when are you planning on having this released for sale to the public?
Gannon: We will be launching our Kickstarter Campaign on June 13th of this year where everyone will be able to get it at a massive discount of 35% – 50% off.

Tiff: Ah that’s just in a couple of weeks! I’m sure you and your co-founder are busy with final preparations. I’d like to move onto your approach on how you’ve been getting the word out to people across the globe. Having personally first been in contact with baserock via Instagram, it seems to me you have a large social media presence through Instagram and Facebook?
Gannon: Yeah we have been very busy preparing for launch and it has been very exciting.
(Ps I will add a hyperlink of your kickstarter into the response above once you are able to provide me that link 🙂 )

Tiff: What was the idea behind the baserock rave fam Facebook page? I see there are over 4700 members now, a huge growth in a very short time!
Gannon: As for getting the word out we have taken a bit more of an unorthodox approach compared to typical companies who run paid advertising campaigns to get people interested. We instead wanted to really connect with the music community and have them be included in making Baserock become a reality. So we have actually personally reached out to 50,000+ people offering them to be a part of bringing Baserock to life by getting the opportunity to have their voice be heard on critical design decisions for the product.

The idea behind the Baserock Rave Fam was exactly that! We wanted a place where we could easily communicate with our community to include them in the development of Baserock and secondly, to connect music lovers with one another.

Tiff: That’s a great idea, I love how you ask for opinions from actual ravers to aim to maximize the user experience of the product. Will the hydration pack be available for purchase by ravers all around the world?
Gannon: Yes! We are currently working through getting some product certifications for different countries and as soon as those are completed it will be available world wide!

Tiff: In terms of the product itself I’m wondering if we could go over some technicalities. First off, is it run using batteries or does the hydration pack need to be charged?
Gannon: It is powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that will have an 8 hour battery life.
Perfect for a day at a festival 🙂

Tiff: Awesome! And out of curiousity, if it rains, will that be damaging to the pack?
Gannon: Great question. So we have the backpack component of Baserock to be water resistant in order to protect the electronics. Additionally we have placed both pieces of the electronics into their own water resistant pockets in the backpack for additional protection.
So we have designed the backpack*

Tiff: Extra protection is always good. Especially for festivals with more extreme whether like Snowglobe or water themed ones. I can’t wait to see this hydration pack at festivals! Thank you so much for explaining the details behind the product to me. To end off, I always like to do a bit of a rapid fire round of questions. So I’ll ask you a few quick questions about you/the product and you can give me the first answer that comes to your mind 🙂 Ready?
Gannon: Ready!

Tiff: 1. First show/festival you attended – who played, where and when was it?
Gannon: First show I ever attended was April 2015 in Vegas and it was Flos

Tiff: Nice! Floss is one of my favs too – top of my list for people I’ve yet to see! 2. Most memorable set you’ve attended – who, when, where
Gannon: Was definitely Griz at Northern Nights 2016.

Tiff: 3. Top 3 artists?
Gannon: Marshmello, Flosstradamus, Chainsmokers

Tiff: 4. If you could choose any DJ to be the ambassador for Baserock, who would it be?
Gannon: Marshmello

Tiff: 5. If you wearn’t working on baserock, what do you think you would be doing instead?
Gannon: Great question. I actually turned down a lot of corporate jobs doing account management and sales to do Baserock instead so I likely would be living the 9-5 life selling people super fun and exciting stuff like elevators, haha.

Tiff: Ahah well I’m glad you’ve decided to pursue your passions instead!
Gannon: Me too!

Tiff: 6. Of you could only listen to one track for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Gannon: Keep it Mello by Marshmello. Hands down.

Tiff: 7. If you could attend any festival in the world that you haven’t been to, which would it be?
Gannon: Tomorrowland

Tiff: 8. And final question, which festivals, if any, will we be able to catch you at this summer?
Gannon: Sadly I won’t be able to go to a single festival this summer because I have invested everything I have into making Baserock happen. However hopefully in the 2018 season I will be hopping festival to festival promoting Baserock.

Tiff: Ah that’s a shame, but I’m sure the rest of the baserock fam will be getting the word out about this awesome new product at festivals around the world (me included!)
Gannon: That is the hope ❤!

Tiff: Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me about the product, and all the best with the upcoming launch!
Gannon: Thanks Tiff! I appreciate you taking the time as well! ❤

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