So Bad (EDWYNN TIKAL x Spirix Remix)

This is an ideal example of how you seize the wonderful vocals in a song, and taking it to the next level. And which genre takes it to the next level, if not pure Future Bass. 60k plays on Soundcloud after 15 hours, and will reach hundreds of thousands in the first week, Im all sure of.

EDWYNN x TIKAL is a duo from my own home country Sweden. They’re both 19 years old, and have been in this game for 3 years. Together with Spirix from New York, which is also 19 years of age, they created this masterpiece over a skype session.

The beautiful thing about this tune, and also the original song, is that the energy of the vocals of Brandon Skeie is ridicolous. How it develops with time, and at the moment of the last drop it makes you just loose it. With a mix of that, and the wonderful future trap style, it just blows my mind.

Check it out below, and try to prove me wrong.


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