The creative beat and art factory Autograf is back with yet another massive production, get ready to turn up some Future Soup at your dinner table. After marking 2015 as their most successful year so far coining the iconic sound of Metaphysical that literally got remixed all over the world, the Chicago based trio is ready to go one deeper.

Their latest piece of music is a progressive Future House track accompanied by the DC based singer/producer Patrick Baker who knows the top of Hypemachine all to well himself. If you know Autograf already you’ve probably seen one of their their artworks that they compile for each release. The Future Soup can has been one of their bigger artworks from recent shows. The song kicks off with the melodic signature Autograf vibes and dives into a bass fueled chorous with Bakers vocals that take you right to the night show. Future Soup is available on Autograf’s Spotify profile as for today and ready to be dropped into your playlists.


Photo by: Kyle Buckland

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