Alle Farben will be headlining Spring Break Island Festival on Pag Island, Croatia at the end of May, with his latest album ‘Music Is My Best Friend‘ set to be released shortly afterwards on June 3rd. We got in contact with him to get an idea of what he’ll be up to whilst he’s there, and ask some questions about his previous work, ‘Music Is My Best Friend’, and what we can expect from him in the future.


Matt: Hey Frans! You’ll be playing at Spring Break Island, Croatia in a few weeks from now, what are you most looking forward to and why?
Frans: Hey guys, I am really looking forward to be back in Croatia again and of course enjoy the nice weather.

Matt: How will you travel to SBI and what do you plan to do on the journey? For example, are you more likely to be preparing sets, or watching Netflix?
Frans: I will fly to Venice, then we’ll have a little road trip to Croatia and then we’ll take of course the catamaran. I am always preparing my sets on the plane and sometimes watching movies.

Matt: Your sophomore album ‘Music Is My Best Friend‘ drops next month. What can we expect from your new album, and what are we to expect at Spring Break Island? Some tasters from the album?
Frans: Yeah, my new album will be released on 3rd of June. You can expect a lot of danceable music. My new album in 3 words: summer, danceable & happy 😎

Matt: Following the release of ‘Music Is My Best Friend’, what are your plans for the rest of the summer?
Frans: Touring a lot of festivals!

Matt: Having played all over the world, what’s your feeling on where has a really strong emerging music scene? Any cities in particular that have left a resounding memory?
Frans: The music scenes in Amsterdam & Berlin are very special for me and both have their unique styles and incredible vibes.


Alle Farben 6h Session in København

Matt: On the subject of cities, last year you played an open air concert in Hamburg, with mostly techno and house vibes, but ended your set with Flume’s ‘You and Me’. Did you ever consider doing something completely different in terms of genres or was that just a personal favourite to end the set with at the time? If so what unexpected track do you have in mind for SBI?
Frans: Let me surprise you guuuuuys!

Matt: If you could pick a dream location and an artist/DJ to collaborate with, where would you play and who would you play with?
Frans: Burning Man Festival with Erlend Øye

Matt: Now that you’ve developed your own signature sound, what music or artists out there still influence your style or perhaps make you look at your music from another angle?
Frans: It has been changing over the years and new things have always kept my creativity up, whether it’s classical music, techno, house or rock music.

Matt: Outside of music, what hobbies do you have?
Frans: I do a lot of sports and love cooking with my friends.

Matt: With all your success and with that, playing big shows all over the world, do you still feel like a club DJ with a bigger crowd, or did the feeling of playing live change?
Frans: I am a club DJ and still love playing in underground clubs in front of small crowds.


Music Is My Best Friend will be released June 3rd


Matt: DJs are getting a lot younger these days and new talents are created or discovered every year. What do you think is the biggest quality in a DJ or producer today?
Frans: I am not as young as it may appear. I think a good producer should also have stage experience. When I released my first album Synesthesia in 2014, I already had 5 years of experience as a professional DJ.

Matt: How do you see the next few years in this music scene evolving? With more and more sub-genre’s merging and today’s technology. Where do you see the music scene going?
Frans: Nowadays it’s possible for everyone to make their own music, so over the next years we’ll see more and more sub genres.

Matt: We’ve got quite a few Alle Farben fans here at the FDM camp, and we’re keen to know, what lies in the future for you?
Frans: I don’t know what the future will bring, but I will continue to make music for the next decades!

Matt: Final question, and arguably the most important: Sex on the Beach or Bloody Mary at Spring Break Island?
Frans: Sex on the beach, bitch!


Catch Alle Farben at Spring Break Island between May 26th-29th, with tickets available for a 10% discount if you use our exclusive code ‘FDM’. You can also check out his latest album ‘Music Is My Best Friend’ for release on June 3rd here

Photos: Paul RipkeDavid Rasche

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