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Aggressive Swans – not at all aggressive in real life, but still a bit of swans! – two young musicians with different national and personal backgrounds, but with the same alternative approach to Electro-Pop.

Janko and Christopher first met in Weimar in 2012, both pursuing their classical music education. From that moment, their “creative relationship” went through a long-distance phase, lots of jamming sessions in Salzburg in 2014 and a Happy End in Munich in 2015. Today, in their early twenties and having been making music together as Aggressive Swans for over a year now, they have a bunch of catchy tracks and covers, that reflect sound of modern pop and electronica, infused with the spirit of the 80’s.

So, as it looks and sounds, Janko Raseta (guitar, electronics, production) and Christopher Chlupacek (vocals, bass, flute) have found each other! And on the question – why the name Aggressive Swans ? – they answered honestly and simply (as all ingenious!) – because we’ve happened to see some of those!

Listen and see for yourselves new live video: Aggressive Swans – Birmingham


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