Future Dance Music is a unique collective of music enthusiasts in the form of independent writers that bring the worldwide love for electronic music together on a single platform. The writing team is a small but select group of individuals that have been chosen to deliver the latest material and satisfy your appetites from their bases in Germany, USA, Canada, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

As children of the 90’s the origin to the reason we have come together is not hard to understand. Growing up with MP3 players, iPods and now smartphones we have had the privilege to decide on any given moment what music we want to accompany our day-to-day lives. Music distinguishes every human being, because everyone can have their own soundtrack, right in their pocket.

With Future Dance Music we have implemented a website that combines love for music with the enthusiasm for digital, modern media usage. Above all, we are like-minded music lovers pleased to provide a platform where everyone with this love for music can be together and sample flavours from an unlimited boundary of different environments.


Janik Lipke

Hamburg, Germany

Matt Halliday

London, United Kingdom


Odin Førde

Bergen, Norway

Lily Mangkhalakhili

Boston, United States

Sheena Barnez

Ottawa, Canada

Nils Edvinson

Lidköping, Sweden

Santiago Arcila

Vancouver, Canada

Sönke Keller

Hamburg, Germany



Since the birth of Future Dance Music in 2015, we have received lots of positive feedback for our contributions and for that we can’t thank you enough. The soul purpose of this project is to reach out to you, the people that have the same passion as us, and to bring the music to you at the click of a button. Raising awareness of the new stuff that’s coming out, while also giving you a chance to sample something different that you may not be familiar with or have experienced before.

Our goal continues to be to provide you, the reader, with the best and most exciting new music from around the world. Very little is more beautiful than to discover new music that accompanies us through everyday life and we want to share this with you.

Best wishes, and thanks for your continued support.