Pendulum Announces ‘Return’ For 2017

Remember Pendulum? I mean, how could you not? It was one of those days, the rain was coming down hard in England (nothing changes). It’s miserable grey, and to be honest the only thing that was appealing was to go back to bed. This was until Pendulum decided to do their own Kim Kardashian, and ‘break the internet’.

Pendulum posted a video on their social media networks which was mysterious, but also very clear in what it was trying to achieve. Filled with cuts of black and white film clips and a mixture of noises that sound like a train arriving to a station and a clock ticking, the fan girl type reception the video received sent the internet mental. It ends with a short clip of their logo and is accompanied by the page The page leads fans to enter their emails in the chance to receive the news about Pendulum in 2017 before anyone else. There has been much speculation that this announcement could possibly signal a new album to accompany the 2017 tour.

The group began to resurface last march when they headlined the final day of Ultra Music Festival. They did their best to break the internet then too, with the live performance of Battle Sirens.  The performance was a combination of the Pendulum project, as well as Knife Party, the group that Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillenn founded in the wake of the hiatus. While the entirety of the performance only gave fans a dose of 3-4 Pendulum songs, there was a glimmer of hope at their return.

We’ll post any news regarding the Pendulum return in 2017, right here on Future Dance Music. In the meantime, you can watch the video below, and become your very own fan girl!

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